The Max Level Hero Has Returned!

Chapter 403: The Utterly Twisted Giant Tree

Chapter 403: The Utterly Twisted Giant Tree

“Shane’s not here, you know?”


Megalodria flew out along with the loud sound of something exploding. Obviously, his size was something that not anyone could simply deal with. In fact, compared to Behemoth, which was on an entirely different level in terms of body size, Megalodria was still considerably better.

“Without Shane, your powers will start to get lost. You probably only have around half of your original powers, no?”

It only occurred to Davey recently but it seemed like this suspicion was quite true.

Davey immediately shut down Megalodria’s mouth, canceling the Breath that he was about to release to resist him, by slamming his hand down on his nose.

“Oho. Wait, are you actually trying to rebel now? You’re rebelling, right?”

Bang!!! Bang!!!

Shock was now evident in Megalodria’s eyes after enduring several beatings from Davey. From what he could remember, Davey’s punches were not that threatening at all. However, after waking up and escaping from the card that sealed him, Megalodria found out that the human being, whom he thought was a little ways behind him in terms of strength, had suddenly become a monster.

Even if Megalodria was the king of the Kings of Mythical Beasts, he would still find such a transformation to be shocking.

They were in a completely different Tionis; this was far more than a simple shift in dimensions. They were in the same world that was on the opposite side of the mirror. It was just like how Tionis and the Abyss were on each side of the coin. However, this time, they were in the Tionis that was reflected on the mirror.

That was also the reason why Davey could not summon Gnoass or Fire Chicken. Davey had judged that if he wanted to summon them, he would need quite some time to do so. The Spirit King that resided in this world did not sign a contract with Davey, so he could not and would not heed his call. As for the Divine Beast Fire Chicken? He was not born in this world.

The concept was not like some simple dimensional shift or whatnot. It was on the level of a world transfer. Davey found it quite amazing that the dimensional key had this power. However, considering Reina’s case, he realized that it truly was possible.

The difference might sound simple. However, unlike the dream world or the other dimensions, where he had high chances of existing, this difference should not have appeared in a world where he did not exist. However, the impossible had become possible. 𝒩𝑶𝗏𝞮𝓵𝒏𝔢xt.𝒸𝑂𝑀

Since Davey did not exist in this world, everything about him was being made by copying his soul as it was. In other words, Davey’s abilities were measured and completed based on the abilities and powers that he had in the Hall the moment he passed through that curtain.

“Don’t worry about it, I will take care of the erosion.”

This also meant that Davey was now capable of eliminating the erosion in Megalodria’s body through sheer force alone. What he needed to do was cast a great purification magic.

It did not matter to him if the power of erosion would try to resist or not. Davey just needed to use his overwhelming power to crush it the moment it reared its head out.

Davey slowly released the vast amount of mana that was actively circulating in his body.

‘Let’s poke it and pull it out.’

Davey’s plan was simple. Of course, Megalodria, who would be subjected to this treatment, would probably feel a bit dizzy and unwell. But that's none of Davey’s business.


A loud and painful scream was ripped out of Megalodria’s mouth as his body struggled fiercely the moment Davey started his work. However, Davey just used some gravitational magic to pin him down on the ground and continued to remove Urd’s power that she used to erode his rationality and senses.

Megalodria must definitely have felt like he was going to die. After all, the combo of being pinned down on the ground and unable to lift even a single finger while someone rummaged through their head would definitely be very, very unpleasant.

Despite Megalodria’s desperate resistance, Davey continued with his work and rummaged around in his head. In the end, he was able to remove all traces of the erosion that Urd had hidden in Megalodria.

Even though Davey’s body and soul had synchronized, it was still quite a difficult task for him. It would have been easier if his specs were a bit higher. However, upgrading his own hardware took a lot of time and money. So, when presented with an opportunity, Davey had no choice but to use it.

After everything was over, Megalodria was left exhausted. His entire figure looked like it was drooping, his eyes blinking slowly as he exhaled heavily.

“Have you regained your consciousness now?”

Megalodria’s red eyes focused on Davey when he heard the question.


“Considering that you’re opting to not answer me right now, I can say that you have already come back to your senses.”

[Human… What the hell are you?]

The voice that rang in Davey’s ears was not the same guttural and irritating voice but his thick and deep voice, his original voice. Finally free from the voices and the bizarre hallucinations that plagued him, Megalodria asked Davey with great difficulty.

Unlike Shandra Minea and Behemoth, Megalodria was called the reigning king of the King of Mythical Beasts. Even if he was subjected to Urd’s erosion, his reason and sanity did not completely disappear. That was why he could not help but ask Davey why his actions and words made it seem like he was very familiar with them.

[Human. How in the world do you know about Shane?]


[And how do you know about the two other Kings of Mythical Beasts…]

“There are far too many rats listening to our conversation,” Davey said calmly, turning his head to look at the demon soldiers who were staring blankly at them.

Although the Black Wyverns were dead, there were still a few surviving demons among them.


The demons immediately took several shaky steps back, their eyes filled with fear the moment they saw Megalodria’s own turn to look at them. However, Davey’s hands were faster than them…



The demons fainted all at once.

“I have some connection with Shane.”

[Stop joking around, human. Shane died more than a thousand years ago.]

Davey just shrugged his shoulders and said, “If you’re not going to believe me, then why do you have to question me like that?”


“Never mind that. Let’s talk while moving,” Davey said as he poured a huge amount of recovery magic on Megalodria’s body. Then, he took out a compass, checked the direction and continued, “Let’s go west. Go as fast as you can.”

[…Fine. I will cooperate with you now.]

Even though Megalodria found Davey’s existence to be suspicious, he judged that he was not an enemy that he should fight against. One, because he did not have the power to go against Davey. And two, because Davey was the one who had removed the erosion that was plaguing him.

[You have my gratitude for helping me get away from that damn woman’s power.]

“You’re someone that’s as powerful as someone at the Grandmaster-level. Yet, you still got hit like that?”

[It’s just like you said. Without Shane, the condition where we grow stronger over time has been restricted and we have grown weaker.]

They had grown weaker because they had lost the power of their contractor. However, they were weakened even further after being exposed to Urd’s power. Could even someone at the grandmaster-level be trampled on like that? He must have felt cold all over. He was a very unlucky guy.

Megalodria had signed a contract with the Mythical Beast Summoner Shane Scrift. However, Davey knew that there was a way to summon and order such a wise mythical beast like Megalodria even if he wasn’t a Mythical Beast Summoner. In fact, as long as their interests aligned, then everything could be done. However, if they used this method, then…

“You won’t be able to use the entirety of your powers.”

[To be exact, this applies to all mythical beasts including myself, Human.]

Davey, who was looking at the scenery that passed by quickly, placed his hands on Megalodria’s neck and said, “What happened to the Lux Continent?”


Megalodria first remained silent, then said, [Human. What do you think would happen if the three King of Mythical Beasts, the ones called the last bastion of the continent, were all overpowered?]


Davey should have known. After all, Megalodria had mentioned before that Urd had completely overturned the Lux Continent. It was not impossible at all considering her strength.

[That woman said that her younger sister was in this world. It seems like this world also had the same fate as the Lux Continent…]

“This is not the Tionis that you have visited before.”

Megalodria’s speed visibly slowed down when he heard Davey’s words.

[What do you mean? The mana distribution, density, and even the flow of the air is the same. Everything is the same… No… No, it seems like it’s not. This terrible black mana that has spread all over the place is different.]

“I know, right? It would be easier for you if you think of this as a parallel world. Over there. Stop there.”

Megalodria immediately pulled the brakes by spreading his wings. Then, Davey slowly stepped down from his back.

“Yes, think of this as a parallel world. In the world where we were before, I have killed the former World Tree. However, that very same World Tree has awakened once again and is ruling in this world,” Davey said as he gathered all of the mana, the mana that he used before his synchronization, on the fingertips of his hands.

Basically, he was telling Megalodria that there was a huge difference between the two worlds. Seeing Davey gather the maximum amount of mana that he could muster at this very moment in his palms, Megalodria, who did not know about Davey’s condition, showed an expression as if he could not understand what was happening right now. He asked in both disbelief and confusion…

[Human. The power that you possess makes me wonder if you’re truly a human being.]

“Well, it’s true that I’m a bit stronger compared to when I fought you before.”

[A bit? That’s bullshit. Your power is on a completely different level.]

“This is why I don’t like quick-witted mythical beasts like you. This is my original power,” Davey said calmly as he stretched his palm and pointed it toward the huge and dense forest.

If Davey’s predictions were correct, this place would be under the protection of the World Tree’s barrier magic. If he removed that barrier, then he would be able to see the figure of the World Tree.

Davey did not have all the time in the world to search slowly. So, wherever they were, he would have no other choice but to use a bit more strength to find them.

‘Will it break down completely or will it only make a hole?’

If the World Tree's condition is good, Davey's attack would only create a hole. But if the condition is bad, then it would break apart.

Davey took out Blue Ribbon and infused the mana that he had gathered into the blade. The moment he saw Blue Ribbon's power get amplified, he immediately swung the sword down.

Hesitation? Worries? Since he had already made up his mind, then he should do what he intended to do. No holds barred.


A flash of blue cut through the area, which was supposed to be empty, only to be met with a translucent curtain that had a rainbow-colored tint to it. To be exact, Blue Ribbon's attack forced the hidden curtain to appear in front of the naked eye.


Since Blue Ribbon had the power to cut down everything that was beyond the physical laws of the world, the barrier, which Davey believed to be erected by the World Tree, was neatly cut down.

Bang, bang, bang!!!

And just like a chain reaction, the other barriers in existence lost their balance and collapsed on themselves.

"The level of the barrier is a mess. This is far worse than the World Tree that I have fought with before."

Hearing his words, Megalodria raised one of his huge arms and blocked Davey's front.

Ting, ting, ting, ting!

At the same time, dozens of arrows that came from the other side of the forest flew toward Megalodria's arms. However, the arrows did not meet their target and all fell down helplessly on the ground.

[Do not let your guard down, human. I know that you’re strong. However, your body is still made of flesh and blood…]


Before Megalodria could finish his words, a huge arrow, which flew past his arm and was going to crash into Davey's forehead. Although it was just a simple attack, the arrow carried tremendous firepower that could allow it to pierce through a thick metal plate. However, it did not even graze Davey's skin.

Clang, clang, clang!!!

Davey laughed, the arrows stopping in the air in front of him. Then, he slapped all of them back.

"Where do you think most of the mana of someone with the power to pressure a Grandmaster-level mythical beast and deal with a 9th Circle lich would go?"

Megalodria's eyes narrowed at that. That was when he saw the huge amount of mana compressed into a thick film that enveloped Davey's body. After seeing that, he took his arms back and looked away.

[It seems like I tried to protect a monster. That amount of mana is something that humans could not have at all.]

“I’m sorry if I’m not just some ordinary human being,” Davey retorted, his eyes catching sight of people emerging from the depths of the forest. All of them had red hair, red eyes and pale skin. Then, he commented, “It seems like the World Tree here has become completely corrupted.”

The elves residing in the Divine Tree's holy land were all influenced by the state of the Divine Tree. When Davey looked up, he saw that the gigantic World Tree had now become dried up and twisted.

The elves had all deviated from their normal appearance with the World Tree, their lord and master, turning corrupted and twisted. They had now become Blood Elves. That meant that there was no way Davey would be able to communicate with them. In the end, he was left with only one choice.

“I have no choice but to send you off as quickly and as comfortably as possible…”

[Those words might make someone feel at ease. However, they are no different from you telling them that you will kill them all, human.]

“Perhaps it’s much better to kill them than to let them live through something like that,” Davey said calmly as he watched the blood elves surround him.

Then, he took out the other half of the twin swords, Red Ribbon, and said, “Red Ribbon, can you help daddy?”

[R, Red Ribbon can hwelp daddy!!! Red Ribbon will do her best!!!]

Red Ribbon conveyed her thoughts strongly to Davey. Since the will of his sword had now been transmitted to him, all that was left was… to cut them down.

“Let’s go,” Davey said briefly as he began to swing Red Ribbon and cut down the blood elves.

‘Let’s first start with something light.’

[Transcendental Longsword]

[Splitting the Mountains]


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