Origin Lust Sword System

Chapter 112 Origin Lust Sword Dimension (1)

After the two-color crystal sword entered the green dimension core, Cyrus heard the system's notification as an interface emerged in front of him.


[The Origin Lust Sword Dimension Seed has been successfully sown with a Bronze Dimension Core!]

-The Dimension Formation time (30 Days) has been skipped!

-The Origin Lust Sword Dimension Guardian Glyph has been imprinted on User (Cyrus Lust) Primordial Soul. Process time (30 Days) has been skipped!𝑵𝑶𝑣𝓮𝐥𝒏𝑬xt.𝑪𝑜𝚖

-The Origin Lust Sword Dimension Core Glyph has been imprinted on Host (Eve Lust) Primordial Soul. Process Time (30 Days) has been skipped!

-The Origin Lust Sword Dimension Initial Rank (Iron) has been skipped!


[System Function: Origin Lust Sword Dimension has been fully activated!]

[Please open the new Origin Lust Sword Dimension Panel to view further details!]


Cyrus didn't have time to open anything because the moment system's voice stopped buzzing, he suddenly felt intense pain originating from his very being.

'So, the system has even power to fiddle with my Primordial Soul? Didn't this mean the system could control me as long as it wished for?' Cyrus couldn't help but think because he knew just where this intense pain was coming from.

The Primordial Soul was the very essence of a living being. Simply put, it could be said the Primordial Soul was a remote control of any conscious being.

Not only was it dangerous to even touch or fiddle with a Primordial Soul as it was extremely delicate, but it was a forbidden object that every living being instinctively protected with their life.

There were naturally many ways to gain control over a primordial soul. Once it was under someone's control, it was impossible to break free from their clutches as the holder of this primordial soul can easily decide life and death on a whim and control or influence the victim's actions or even thought process.

That's why Cyrus was shocked when he found that System could directly imprint something on his Primordial Soul without even needing to go through any of his natural defenses or even alert him.

Then he thought about how the system could've easily stopped his actions as well when he tried to commit suicide if it had influence over his primordial soul, yet it didn't even mention anything about it.

Although this was alarming, this also provided that Cyrus might be the real owner of the System, and it might be imprinted in his Primordial Soul since this was the only reason it could bypass his natural defenses and imprint this glyph on it.

This also reduces Cyrus's doubt about the system being sentience with ulterior motives. It was really a 'unique cultivation technique' from some unknown power system that he awakened after completing certain conditions as he did.

But it has remained to be seen as Cyrus grows strong, he will recover godly abilities, and only then will he can be absolutely sure that system was completely on his side.

For now, he can do nothing but remain vigilant as it is already too late to choose another path for himself.

Cyrus thought the pain would be going to last quite a while since a glyph imprinting on a primordial soul was a huge deal, and any pain on the primordial soul can't be avoided, and it's ten times more intensified than a normal soul attack.

However, to his surprise, before he could even start grounding his teeth, the pain vanished only after a single second, leaving Cyrus in bewilderment.

"Is it failed?" He couldn't help but inquire.

However, the system didn't have to answer it because Cyrus suddenly felt his heart thump and a feeling of coldness sweep over his entire body.


He heard the sound of a glass cracking from in front of him, and when he moved his baffled eyes in that direction, he saw the green dimension core was suddenly starting to crack.

After the emergence of the first crack, many followed, and the next moment, with a small blast, it shattered, turning into glowing green dust.

At this moment, Cyrus suddenly felt something gushing out of his body as if some sort of dam was about to break free.

Before he could figure out anything, his eyes rolled up before a glowing two-color sword symbol that looked exactly like the two-color crystal sword which had vanished in the green dimension core emerged on his forehead and shone brightly!

The next moment, the green dust suddenly seemed to have encountered a suction force as it started to fly toward Cyrus, who was now in a strange semi-unconscious state.

Because despite his eyes rolling upward, he could see everything, not just the view of his eyes, but everything around him as if his eyes were everything.

That green dust directly headed for that two-color sword mark over his forehead as the suction force was coming from it. As that glowing green dust touched the sword symbol on his forehead, it got directly absorbed.

When all the dust was absorbed without leaving a speck, the very next moment thereafter, an invisible force suddenly bloomed from deep within him.

As that invisible force burgeoned, Cyrus's vision started to grow with it.

10 meters… 50 meters… 100…

Cyrus 'vision' finally left the building as he could now see the mayhem outside after his Gravity Rule was over. Everyone was running toward the dimension exit gate, even those guards.

However, people were absolutely spooked when they saw the dimension exit gate had vanished without a trace!

Cyrus remained completely emotionless as he watched all those people start running in every direction while his vision kept expanding.

1 mile… 10 miles… 50… 70…

Cyrus had no idea just how big the entire goblin paradise dimension was, but that strange force was enveloping it as not even the ground or sky escaped his vision.

At 74 miles, he finally touched the sky doom, but the expansion seemed to wasn't done or, more accurately, satisfied since there was more land left to cover the goblin paradise.

Then Cyrus felt that invisible force wanted to break that bleak sky and devour it whole, which greatly influenced his mind since he was directly connected with his strange force.

He suddenly thought, 'A measly fake sky wants to obstruct my way? Not worthy!'

Right at this moment, the people within the dimension witnessed something unimaginable. The sky suddenly started to crack while the entire dimension trembled. It was like doomsday had arrived, and people, goblins, and beasts alike panicked.

Outside the Goblin Paradise Dimension, the Bronze Gate Fortress was calm like always while the usual business was going without any hindrance.

However, the entire fortress suddenly shocked like a small boat in a sea storm, and all the people within panicked as the fortress walls started to crumble because that earthquake was simply too violent.


A huge booming sound rang from the center of the fortress. It was exactly the place where the dimension gate was located. With that explosive sound, the earthquake also came to a sudden stop.

But it was only the start of something great because what happened next made people present in the fortress or close vicinity spooked.

Right in the middle of the fortress, where the dimension gate was, the red-purple mist suddenly started to rise at a terrifying rate before it started to envelop the entire fortress.

"A dimension is forming run aw…"

A fortress guard instantly recognized this phenomenon as it was described in every textbook of the magic union and tried to run away, but alas, the red-purple mist swallowed him whole.

Like the previous guard, the other naturally recognized the formation of a new dimension, despite the fact that it had never happened before when a new dimension emerged from an already-formed dimension.

Nevertheless, it was still quite dangerous to be in an unknown new dimension, especially when it was forming since the dimension's heart zone would be unknown, and humans weren't the only ones who would try to seize it as well.

So, whenever a new dimension emerged, the people were instructed to find a safe shelter and let the gate form completely before the magic union would send teams to conquer the dimension according to their ranks.

An iron rank dimension could expand in 10 miles radius while a bronze rank dimension could expand in 25 miles at its initial state.

The fortress built around the bronze gate was only five miles in diameter since once a dimension was fully formed, there was no need to worry about it occupying more space as only a gate would be left.

However, today, this strange dimension suddenly burgeoned out of nowhere. Now it was expanding at a terrifying speed without even giving anyone time to respond or alert Albert City, which was less than 30 miles away from here.

If it were only a mere bronze dimension expansion, then Albert City would've been completely untouched.

But alas, this was the expansion of the Origin Lust Sword Dimension, which wasn't a normal dimension or just a simple growth-type dimension, and its expansion can't be reverted unless they could kill Cyrus first!


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