Origin Lust Sword System

Chapter 111 Dimension Core Of The Bronze Dimension


Cyrus looked at all the people around him struggling on their knees under the presence of his Secret Growth type Spell, Gravity Rule, including all those Sanctum Guards who were all arrogant and overbearing a moment ago.

The Gravity Rule was a very powerful area effective spell, which was actually a growth-type secret spell which means its effect would be determined by the user's strength, whether it's weak or strong.

Currently, Cyrus can use this spell three times in a one-mile radius and suppress everyone present within this mile radius as long as they are not stronger than him for five whole minutes. With his current strength, only a peak Qi Core (4th Class Sorcerer/ Epic Class) can move while this spell is in effect.

Even then, they will find it 50% difficult to move in this mile radius; only a Nascent Soul (5th Class Sorcerer/ Unique Class) could move freely.

However, these rank experts were all in the second and first-grade cities, and they disdained entering the third-rate cities or any dimension below silver rank unless it was a special circumstance like Carla's.

So, Cyrus was naturally the strongest in this place, and that's why he never put those guys in his eyes and considered this mission a walk in the park, and so does it seem. "You guys can't even stand under this measly pressure, much less using your weapons. In the end, strength still came first before you learned to wield a weapon, and now you all are nothing but bugs that I can crush under my feet anytime.

"So, now tell me, mortals, do you still think you can go against a God with your meager power and arrogance?"

Like before, Cyrus used another voice transmission spell to send his voice within everyone's ears, and they were all the people who were now kneeling on the ground with horrid expressions and struggling to keep themselves from crushing.

Now, they heard Cyrus's cold voice; they trembled even more as they didn't find his words just a joke anymore. He was no doubt more powerful than all of them. It was the nature of humans to fear the strong and feel superior towards the weak.

They were just laughing moments ago, but now, they wanted to plead for mercy, but they couldn't even breathe properly much less utter words.

All they could do now was just hope that this terrifying guy would spear them, and then they could run away. Furthermore, those people outside the one-mile zone were looking at this strange phenomenon in bewilderment, and those who tried to help those who were kneeling ended up kneeling themselves the moment they came under that one-mile gravity zone.

Now they were just watching, no longer daring to get anywhere close to those already effective, and some of them even wanted to run away or exit the dimension.

Still, the problem was even the exit center was present in this one-mile radius zone!

Cyrus didn't have time to waste as he had used half of his Qi to perform this spell, and despite his big talk, he was just intimidating everyone.

If he wanted to kill everyone here, he needed to use all of his Qi which was not worth the effort despite knowing he would recover all of it by killing these guys.

What he wanted to achieve was fear, he was about to open his own dimension, and he had no idea what kind of change it would bring, so he wanted to make these people his experiment subjects, and he really needed manual labor once he started reforming his dimension.

So, these train dogs of the Union will be perfect, and if he starts killing everyone after he gets annoyed by them, there will be no one left to kill. Still, as he said before, if he didn't slaughter a chicken to scare the monkeys, they would not know the true fear of disobeying him.

So, he looked at the burly Sanctum Guard who blocked his way and said, before he picked up his step and stepped over his head before he, applied some pressure and made him kiss the dirt before saying, "Remember never to offend a God in your next life…"

The arrogant Sanctum Guard was scared out of his damn mind, and he really felt the fear of death as Cyrus stepped over him when he heard this last.

That pressure suddenly intensified and the next moment.


Everyone heard the ghastly voice of a skull being crushed under Cyrus's feet in the silent vicinity, and they felt chills in their spine while they started to tremble madly as they imagined this might be their fate very soon.


[You have killed a Mortal (Tier-20)]


-SP: 100

[Spirit Points (SP): 1,440/40,000]


Cyrus got the notification as the man's body vanished, and so did his brain matter splashed everywhere.

He had already accumulated over one thousand SP while killing those goblins in this way here. If he wasn't in a hurry, he could've filled the entire cap.

Anyhow, after making an example out of the arrogant guard, he steps forward toward the metal building at the end of the alleyway.

Those kneeling guards trembled violently whenever they heard his footsteps approaching as they felt it was now their turn. Some of them even wet their pants out of sheer fear of death.

However, when they found that Cyrus wasn't killing anymore and passing by them, they felt like a divine pardon had been given to them.

As Cyrus moved, any thick metal barricades in his way would twist and break with a snap of his fingers, and there was no obstacle that could stop his steps. Those arrogant guards finally understood just how foolish their actions had been when they tried to ridicule this guy for being a madman and courting death. Instead, they were the ones who were courting death unknowingly.

Within two minutes, Cyrus was already standing in front of the metal bunker, which seemed to be air sealed from every direction. Only a small door was way in, and he sneered before he snapped his finger with the door blasted open like it was made of thin wood sheet.πš—π—ˆπ—π„π‘³π“π‘¬xt.𝗰𝑂𝓂

Cyrus entered inside without hesitation, and what greeted them was the sight of two more guards lying flat on the ground, clearly effective by his spell. "Just stay down, and it'll be over soon." He uttered coldly before he walked toward another closed steel door making those two guards tremble in fear.

They had no idea what had happened outside since this place was soundproof as well, but somehow a terrifying pressure descended upon them, and the next thing they knew, they were lying flat under that irresistible pressure.

The door that could even hold off an epic class expert was blasted open, and this terrifying man walked in who was definitely behind their current situation. Those metal doors also weren't able to stop Cyrus's advance as he easily strong-armed them with his Silver Grade Wind Twister Spell.

Finally, after crossing another two doors, he walked into ten cubic meters of space, and this place was denser with Qi in the entire dimension as Cyrus didn't need any guidance to find it. In the center, he spotted a four inches glowing green diamond, which was suspended in the air calmly, and all that dense Qi was focused on it.

Cyrus didn't have to guess hard as System's voice rang almost instantly the moment he laid eyes on the green diamond.


[User has discovered the Dimension Core of the Bronze Dimension (Green Goblin Layer)] [The Quest Objective can now be initiated!]

[Do you want to continue?]


Cyrus's eyes shimmered as he watched the glowing dimension core as it wasn't like the dimension core of the underworld dimension as that thing tried to put up a fight the moment it discovered intruders.

"System, is this dimension core stable because it's already been conquered?" He asked while making a wild yet accurate guess according to his own understanding.

"[Yes. Any dimension core which had lost its guardian will also lose its ability to make independent decisions and turned into a mindless object with no fighting or thinking capability.]"

Cyrus sighed ruefully, 'This is the fate of every loser, I guess.'

Then his lips suddenly curled up in a cold smile, "I'm not a loser, nor I was nor will be… Since I already announced my presence in this dimension, let's start with this process. It's time for the Regal World to welcome its true God!"

The moment those words escaped his mouth, something astonishing happened in front of Cyrus's stunned eyes.

Suddenly, a one-centimeter, brightly glowing half-purple and half-crimson sword shape crystal emerged from Cyrus's forehead without even him knowing where it came from, which was quite terrifying in someone like Cyrus's view.

Before he could even mull over this phenomenon, that small sword crystal suddenly turned into two color streak and shot directly toward the green dimension core and completely submerged into it without any resistance from the green dimension core.

Then Cyrus heard the system's voice again!


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