I Can Claim Daily Rewards

Chapter 193 Cleaning Up The Zombies Near The Bunker

The next day, Arlan gave the acting president a quick tour of Last City. Of course, he didn't bring the president to the restricted military zones and the secret laboratory. Arlan only brought him to public places like the residential district and commercial district.

The acting president was emotional throughout the tour. He felt like he was back to the peaceful days.

After almost half a day, Arlan sent off the president and watched him leave the city via helicopter. 𝞰𝗈𝚟ℯ𝒍𝞰𝑒xt.𝚌𝔬𝑚

The next day, Arlan led an army of two hundred soldiers to clear out an area in Catanduanes. He joined the expedition this time because he wanted to test out the changes in his body after taking the Evolution Liquid. He also felt sick of just staying inside his mansion. He was already used to physical activities because of his past as a construction worker, so the lack of physical work made him feel weak and tired.

Catanduanes was a big island on the easternmost edge of Luzon. It has vast forests and farmlands. The place was also rich in natural resources like coal, copper, and iron. However, Arlan didn't come here to look for these mineral resources. His goal was to clear out an area to build a residential district near the bunker he claimed back them.

Looking down from the sky, Arlan saw hundreds of zombies beneath them. They were only normal zombies so they weren't a threat to the soldiers.

Sigurd commanded the soldiers to eliminate the zombies before they landed.

The Black Dragon Assault Helicopters swiftly took down the zombies, filling the ground with corpses.

Upon landing, Arlan frowned from the intense smell. The zombies' nauseating smell assaulted his nose the moment he jumped down from the helicopter.

Arlan walked past the zombie corpses and inspected the layout of the land. He then took out a residential district blueprint. He asked the De Guzman Family and the Montefalco Family to make this for him.

Looking at the blueprint, he nodded his head in satisfaction. "Alright. Clean up the place!" He said to Sigurd who was standing beside him.

"Yes, boss!" Sigurd gathered the soldiers and divided them into several groups. He then sent them in various directions to start clearing the zombies.

Arlan didn't remain idle either. The blue cane in his hand turned into a beautiful warblade. He then actively searched for targets to test out his blade. Behind him were four powerful soldiers. They were his personal guards. Sigurd specifically chose them from all the elites in the base. In terms of physical strength and skills, these four were only slightly beneath the likes of Karl, Conrad, and the other commanders.

The four personal guards also took out their swords and followed Arlan without saying a word. They were already aware of their boss' abilities so they weren't worried about his safety. They had seen their boss fight Khalon and Sigurd to a standstill. Although they were holding back, it was still shocking to see Arlan fight with such ferocity and skill.

Soon, they found a group of zombies. Arlan estimated that there were sixty of them. He advanced his pace as he shouted. "I'll take care of these guys. Just look out if there's a Spitter-type zombie hiding among them."

"Yes, boss!"

Arlan brandished his sword like it weighed nothing. The zombies who rushed towards him were decapitated. All of them died in just a single slash!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

The four personal guards were stunned by his display of sword skills. He was killing the zombies as if he was cutting vegetables. They didn't even manage to get close to him!

After recovering from their shock, they solemnly observed the area to see if there was a Spitter-type zombie.

It only took Arlan a few minutes to eliminate the zombies. His face was drenched in sweat and his heart was beating in excitement. "That was a good warmup." He mumbled.

"Boss, you're awesome!" Ken shouted in admiration. He was the former bodyguard of the late President Maracas. He received training from the commanders working for Arlan and he proved himself to be better than the rest. He also earned the right to receive the Body Enhancing Serum which increased his strength significantly.

Arlan grinned at his praise. "Let's go! There are still more zombies in the area. We have to get rid of them before evening."

The two hundred soldiers he led this time were only the vanguard force. 1000 soldiers will soon arrive to help them clear out the 2-mile radius surrounding the bunker. They were riding a ship so they would arrive by evening. The true clearing will commence the next day after everyone is fully rested.

An hour later, all the zombies in sight were killed. Arlan commanded the soldiers to move the corpses into one place. He then told the soldiers to burn the corpses.

Looking at the burning bodies, Arlan eyes flickered. He then turned his gaze towards Sigurd and said. "Sigurd, choose ten soldiers to follow me inside the bunker."

"Yes, boss!" Sigurd nodded his head.

Together with Sigurd, his four personal guards, and the ten chosen soldiers, Arlan brought them inside the bunker. Before they headed inside, he told the soldiers to wait for them.

Arlan didn't have the chance to check the bunker last time because he was afraid that he would get lost. They first took a photo of the bunker's layout which was pasted on the wall near the entrance door.

Among his four personal guards, there was one guy who was good with directions so he asked him to lead the group.

After entering deeper inside the bunker, Arlan finally realized how big it was. There were twenty 'Living Zones' where the people's residences were located. Each Living Zone can accommodate up to a thousand people.

It took them more than two hours to inspect every part of the bunker.

"We can use this place as a temporary residence since we will have to stay in Catanduanes for a few days." Arlan said as the group returned to the surface.


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