Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 3456 3459: Who Killed Me?

“Yun Qiao, I want a divorce!”

A deep and sexy male voice entered her ears, and the woman lying on the ground suddenly opened her eyes!

Her thick black hair cascaded down her shoulders like a small waterfall, making her fair little face look especially innocent and simple. She looked so gentle and tender.

However, when the light in her black eyes shone out, there was a hint of noble arrogance in an instant!

“Who dares to touch my people! I will execute your entire family!”

A delicate shout sounded angrily in the prison cell.

It woke up the other female prisoners in the prison cell.

In this winter and March, everyone was sleepy and cold. It was not easy for them to fall asleep, but they were still woken up. They all scolded unhappily, “Crazy! Do you think you are filming a court drama? You F * cking Retard!”

Then, they turned around and curled up into a ball to sleep.

Yun Qiao got up and put her hands together habitually, elegantly and proudly, as if she was not wearing a prison uniform, but a luxurious gown.

She frowned and looked at the environment in the prison cell.

The clothes, hairstyles, and buildings of everyone here were very strange to her.

She didn’t even understand the meaning of what they were saying

What was a retard?

What was a court play?

What was a psychopath? Was it a new disease?𝞰𝒐𝓥𝓔𝐋𝗇𝔢xt.𝐜𝑶𝗆

But none of these were important.

What was important was... where was her saint?

She, Yun Qiao, was the most honorable eldest princess of the Yun Nation. The Yun nation respected women, and she was the only heir of the Yun Emperor. She was going to be the Empress in the future. Saint was her closest bodyguard and had accompanied her since she was young, he had never left her side, and was her most loyal servant.

On the night that she was going to marry the imperial preceptor, the palace was invaded by rebels for some unknown reason. The Imperial Preceptor’s whereabouts were unknown, and the rebels forced their way into the palace. The situation was extremely critical!

When Life and death were at stake, many palace maids and guards surrendered. Only Ah Sheng, alone, fought to protect her. He even took a fatal blow for her without hesitation.

She watched as Ah Sheng was stabbed in the chest. At this moment, she hated that she did not listen to his words and practice martial arts properly. She could not fight side by side with him. She could only cry out in grief, “Who dares to touch my people? I will kill your entire family!”

However, the rebel army was cruel and merciless. The sharp knife was very long. The enemy used force to push the sharp knife deeper. The tip of the knife pierced through Ah Sheng’s chest, through his back, and also through her, who was protected behind him..

The moment she lost consciousness, Yun Qiao seemed to have heard Ah Sheng turn his head and say something to her gently and solemnly.

“Eldest princess, i... You...”

Before she could hear clearly, she fainted.

When she woke up at this moment, she was inexplicably not in the palace or in the mass grave. It was actually such a strange place... it was somewhat like a prison cell?

Did the rebels lock her and Ah Sheng in some dungeon?

But Yun Qiao clearly remembered that she and Ah Sheng had been stabbed to death..

“Who organized so many rebels to cause trouble on my wedding night and kill me? “It’s fine if they died, but they even hindered my wedding night with commander-in-chief, causing me to miss the rumored good figure of commander-in-chief!”

As Yun Qiao was speaking indignantly, her mind suddenly felt a piercing pain!

In an instant, a memory that did not belong to her at all surged into her mind.

In her memory, this night was also the wedding night of a commoner girl named Yun Xiaoqiao.

Yun Xiaoqiao was pulled away from her workplace by an urgent call and summoned to the presidential suite of the Empire State Building Hotel. She signed a marriage certificate, received a marriage certificate, and then washed up to prepare for her wedding night!


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