Chapter 869 The Carnage Begins!

Lee Seng pulled out his old phone from Void Storage and turned it on. He flipped through one of the Foxes numbers and dialed it on his new phone. He listened to the phone dial. 

"I'm sorry the person you're trying to dial cannot be reached. At the tone, leave a message." The phone chimed. Lee Seng sighed and ended the call. He texted the number and moved onto the next phone number. He went on for quite a while, contemplating if he really wanted to use other options or not.

"Are their phones even still connected?" Lee Seng whispered, stuffing the old phone back into storage. He had gone through six different numbers and it either led him to the same voice message or a message that told him the phone wasn't connected. He let out a sigh and contemplated what to do next on the couch. 

"Did you have any luck?" Manny groggily asked. He rubbed his eyes as he peeked out from behind the hallway. 

"None." Lee Seng shook his head. Manny shuffled over and sat on the couch. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, turning to look at Lee Seng. 

"It is late. I wouldn't expect anyone to answer this late." Manny brought up. Lee Seng nodded and let out a yawn. "Go to bed and we can figure this out tomorrow, huh?" 

"Yeah." Lee Seng stood up. "If I don't get an answer, we'll have to just… have to go there ourselves." 

"Mmm. Go to sleep." Manny rubbed his eyes, letting out another yawn. Lee Seng and Manny retreated to their respective rooms, leaving Lee Seng with worried thoughts. He climbed into bed and stared at the text message. 

"I finally found you, Perfect Singular…"a deep voice giggled. "You were hiding all the way out here? No matter, I will deal with you how I would with any other straggler… with death!" A large wolf man stepped out of the shadows. It stood at least twenty feet tall with heat billowing out of its body as it looked down on Lee Seng. It's red eyes burned like fireballs as lava spilled out of its teeth. The wolf man swung his large hand at Lee Seng, sweeping the ground and engulfing him in burning pain.

Lee Seng jolted awake, quickly getting himself in a sitting position as sunlight poured into the room. 'What was that all about?' Lee Seng wondered as he wiped the sweat off his face. He was hot to the touch. He looked around and noticed scorch marks around him. 'Was that really real?'  𝔫𝗈𝗏𝔢𝓁𝚗𝔢xt.𝗰𝑂𝗆

Lee Seng quickly moved out of bed, leaving the scorched bed behind as he quickly entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. He peeled his clothes off and submerged himself into the water. The water hissed upon contact. Lee Seng grunted, clutching the nearest metal bar, almost breaking it upon contact. 

He hissed in pain until his body finally felt the cold water pouring on him. Lee Seng let out a sigh of relief as he shut the shower and dried himself off. The entire bathroom was cloudy with steam. He wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped out of the room, noticing the steam disappearing into nothingness. 

"Hey Lee Seng, are you—" Ritsuka opened the door and noticed the scorch marks on Lee Seng's bed. He looked over at Lee Seng who walked into the closet with a cloud of steam flowing out of the bedroom. Ritsuka stepped further into the room, leaving the door cracked as he leaned against the wall closest to the living room. "What happened here, dude? Did you somehow burn your sheets?"

"No, I didn't burn myself in my sleep." Lee Seng answered. He stepped out with boxers on and began to slip on some shorts. His eyes had dark circles around him like he didn't sleep at all. "I had a strange dream." 

"Oh?" Ritsuka cocked his head. Lee Seng stepped back inside the closet, grabbing a random t-shirt and popping back out.

"A large wolf man oozing lava and heat said he found him and is going to kill me." 

"Oh." Ritsuka's mouth dropped. "That's… dark."

"Whoever he is, I think he's trying to kill me for real." Lee Seng slipped the shirt on and looked over to the bed. "He had enough Energy to come at me in a dream and make my bed become that… I'm surprised the sprinklers didn't come on."

"I didn't even see anything either when I woke up." Ritsuka crossed his arms.

"Ritsuka!" Evan shouted. 

"Yeah, we're coming!" Ritsuka shouted back. "C'mon, we gotta talk about that cryptic message of yours. Grab your phone and pop out. There's lunch out there." Lee Seng nodded and quickly grabbed his phone and followed Ritsuka out. The group was sitting in their usual spots around the coffee table. They were indulging themselves in burgers, fries and chicken sandwiches today.

"Man, we gotta come back here." Evan rolled his eyes in delight. 

"If we don't die." Manny added. The group looked at their leader like he had just broken the one cardinal rule - mention of death. Lee Seng and Ritsuka took their seats as Olivia pushed Lee Seng and Ritsuka's food to them.

"You're feeling better?" Lee Seng asked Olivia.

"Great, actually." Olivia nodded. "I don't think I've gotten over a cold like that, ever. You must have some crazy magic." She smiled, revealing a small piece of green lettuce stuck on her teeth.

"You uh," Lee Seng showed his teeth and pointed at it. "Have something right there." Olivia's eyes widened as she picked the lettuce off her teeth.

"T-thanks." Olivia awkwardly smiled.

"I've been told I have great energy for health." Lee Seng boasted. He opened his container to a breakfast burger with loads of fries. "I'm glad you're feeling better."

"So," Manny cleared his throat. "Let's talk about the current situation, hm? I filled them in and was working on clearing things up on our side with the Guild for a temporary halt on everything since something came up. Did anyone respond?" Lee Seng had almost taken a bite of his food when Manny asked him the question. He quickly sank his teeth into it, taking a large bite and gushing the runny egg. He clicked his fingers and wiped his hands before grabbing his phone. 

2 New Messages!

Lee Seng opened it and realized someone did answer him. He opened the first message and realized he had called Chrono. She had written in Fox tongue asking who this was and what their purpose was about asking a sudden question as such.

"Chrono answered but I didn't tell her who I was." Lee Seng looked up from the phone. "Should I go ahead and tell her?"

"I thought you would start with that." Manny sighed. "Try it and see." 

"Chrono, it's me, Lee Seng. Is it true Captiol City is locking down soon?" Lee Seng sent the text and looked at the other one. It was a strange text from Valen. 

"The city is crumbling." Valen wrote. Lee Seng's phone buzzed. Chrono had messaged him back in an instant. Lee Seng cleared his throat and began to read it aloud.

"I don't know where you got information from, but whoever gave you it is right. The city is starting to crumble apart. These D31 people are going crazy. They're taking over the city as we know it. My people are all over the place. I wouldn't come here if I were you. Avoid it! Especially the base!" Lee Seng looked up at the others. 

"This just in!" The news reporter spoke from the TV. "Capitol City is a war site! The members of D31 have attacked the police, military and guild bases! The city's structure is crumbling apart as we speak! Parts of the walls have been destroyed, letting in monsters!"

"We have to go!" Liz stood up, covering her mouth. Her eyes shook as she watched the footage of a crumbling wall. Large shadow silhouettes moved through the broken wall as a woman's cackle was caught. The camera whipped to the right, revealing the news reporter being killed in an instant. 

"You shouldn't have been nosy!" Number 7 giggled. She cocked her head to the side and lifted her bloody hand up to the sky. The camera shook as they began to turn. "Not this time!" A blast of wind smashed into the camera, throwing it far away as the cameraman landed on the ground with a large wound. The camera pointed itself at the deathly sight as Number 7 - Abby - ripped the cameraman's head off and laughed.

Evan shut the TV off with a loud huff. The group sat in utter silence as they absorbed what had happened. Abby, Number 7, had murdered innocent people. 

"T-that was… A-Abby right?" Manny stuttered. Queenie's cackle infiltrated Lee Seng and Keng's mind at the same time. They looked at each other and let out a sigh like they knew what they were both thinking of. "T-that can't be her right? I-it has to be someone else. A-Abby wouldn't do such a thing. Sh-she's a pain in the ass but sh-she wouldn't—"

"There was always someone inside… The Deimons run deeper than I feared." Lee Seng whispered. Everyone but Keng turned and looked at Lee Seng with a growing fear in their eyes. He looked at them with a hardened face. "We have to go." He stood up and looked at the group. "Now… before it's really too late."

"I-if we go we-we'll die!" Evan shouted. 

"Don't you want to save people?" Lee Seng asked. "Save your family? Save your friends? The people who care about you?"

"B-but… we can't fight a N-Number like her… W-what if the o-other Numbers are—" Manny's stutter showed itself entirely. He began to spiral as the feeling they had been all semi-ignoring fully grew apparent amongst them. 

This wasn't some easy mission; this was a life or death mission and they were witnessing the carnage they would see if they stepped foot into Capitol City.


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